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Endoscopic Tummy Tuck Dubai

Endoscopic Tummy Tuck Dubai

Endoscopic Tummy Tuck Dubai : Unlike the normal tummy tuck surgery, there are a few differences associated with the endoscopic tummy tuck. First off, the endoscopic tummy tuck is not for removal of loose and sagging skin, so if you have this and want it repaired then you will need to opt for another choice. The endoscope is designed for people that have damaged abdominal muscles as a result of various weight related issues. When the surgeon uses the endoscope, there will only be a couple of small incisions made that are just barely large enough for the head of the endoscope to enter the abdominal cavity. From this point the surgeon will then work at repairing the abdominal muscles using the endoscope and possibly the removal of a little bit of fat, but not a lot.

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In the surgery the surgeon will usually make a small incision either right above the pubis area or inside of the navel. Once this incision is made then he or she will then tighten up the abdominal muscles through the use of sutures. At this time there may also be a small liposuction procedure done but it will usually be a very small one as the main reason is to repair the abdominal muscles.

The best part about the endoscopic tummy tuck versus a normal abdominoplasty is of course the recovery period which thanks to small incisions and the use of the endoscope is relatively short. In general there will usually be some discomfort as well as swelling following the endoscopic tummy tuck but this generally fades away within a few days.

The endoscopic abdominoplasty can range anywhere from $1,750 all the way up to $6,000 which depends on many variables that may be associated with your particular case. It is important that you talk about this with a licensed and certified surgeon prior to scheduling the procedure as most insurance companies will not cover this elective cosmetic surgery. If you still want the procedure done but do not have the capital to pay for the procedure it is also possible to get financing for your surgery.

Abdominoplasty Dubai & Tummy Tuck Surgery in Dubai UAE. Full Abdominoplasty, Mini Abdominoplasty & Endoscopic abdominoplasty Surgery at Affordable Price.

Endoscopic Tummy Tuck Dubai

While submitting yourself to a full tummy tuck, there’s always a risk of a botched up job, leaving you with ugly scars. This is because this is a totally invasive procedure and requires long and deep incisions to get rid of the fat and the flab. However, there is now available a wonder technique called endoscopic tummy tuck that even scores over mini-tummy tuck, which too requires incisions, though to a lesser degree. Endoscopic tummy tuck, like all endoscopic surgeries, is becoming the preferred method of getting back into shape.

Understanding endoscopic tummy tuck

Any endoscopic surgery requires an endoscope, which is simply an instrument consisting of a hollow, thin, flexible tube that uses a lens or miniature camera for visually examining the interior of the body or organ, like the colon, bladder or stomach. Examining the body by means of an endoscope is called endoscopy.

Endoscopic tummy tuck is basically a procedure to tighten muscular contours of the abdominal region for patients with minimal or no excess skin. This procedure is preferred over full tummy tuck because it’s least invasive and leaves very little scarring, because of the small incisions usually hidden at the pubic hairline and navel. It can be used conjunction with liposuction too. This procedure has been found most ideal for weakened muscles of the lower abdomen and excess abdominal fat. However, it requires a relatively tight abdominal skin. If it’s loose, this procedure may not be sufficient enough to tighten it.

Endoscopic tummy tuck procedure

The good news is endoscopic tummy tuck procedure doesn’t require as elaborate an arrangement, as a full abdominoplasty procedure. This is because in endoscopic tummy tuck, the surgery is performed through a small hole, unlike full tummy tuck, in which long and deep incisions are made.

The endoscopic tummy tuck surgery is carried out by attaching an endoscope to the surgical instrument, which is then introduced into the target area through a small incision, usually located above the pubis or in the navel. The plastic surgeon works through this small incision to tighten the muscles and remove fat with the guidance from the endoscope. This incision can also be used for liposuction. Once the procedure is completed the incision is sewed up, after fitting a drain in the incision. Unlike normal tummy tuck procedure, endoscopic tummy tuck surgery requires this drain for getting rid of the accumulated bodily fluids that build up after the surgery.

The best part of this procedure is quick recovery. It requires a comparatively less time to recover, than a full tummy tuck. This is because of the size of the incision. The bigger the incision, more the recovery time. The other good point about this surgery is less pain and swelling. You may feel slight to moderate discomfort and some swelling, but it’s part of the normal healing process.

Whether you’re eligible for endoscopic tummy tuck or not, only your surgeon can tell. But, if you do make the grade, consider yourself lucky, as there can be no better option than this to regain your shape!

Abdominoplasty Dubai & Tummy Tuck Surgery in Dubai UAE. Full Abdominoplasty, Mini Abdominoplasty & Endoscopic abdominoplasty Surgery at Affordable Price.

Endoscopic Tummy Tuck Dubai

Abdominoplasty can provide dramatic results, transforming a flabby midsection into a youthful, sleek washboard; however, traditional tummy tucks result in large scars that can be difficult to camouflage. And for those who have a history of developing keloid scars or poor healing concealing, scarring becomes even more difficult. The procedure is also so invasive that many people need to take three to four weeks off from work just for the initial stages of recovery.

For people who want the results of a traditional tummy tuck without any discomfort or risks, a new technique that is gaining popularity among both plastic surgeons and patients is the endoscopic tummy tuck. This procedure is considered safe as it involves minimal incisions, a shorter recovery period, and is also regarded better when compared to a traditional abdominoplasty.

Not everyone can undergo this procedure. The ideal candidate for an endoscopic tummy tuck is the person who has good skin elasticity, little, if any excess hanging skin and minor stomach overhang. The surgery targets a smaller are than the traditional version, normally just below the navel.

During the surgery, small, nearly undetectable incisions are created either in the pubic region or just inside of the navel. An endoscopic camera with a light that is attached to a length of tube is then inserted into the body. This camera allows the surgeon to operate on smaller areas using a television screen as a guide.

This method allows the plastic surgeon not only to have greater control over the surgery, but there is less of a chance of disturbing surrounding tissue and causing undue damage. The surgeon tightens the muscles and then liposuction is used to remove excess fat and flatten the appearance of the stomach.

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Because such minimal incisions are necessary and little tissue is disturbed, the recovery time for endoscopic tummy tucks is greatly reduced. Healing will always vary from individual to individual, but most can expect mild discomfort after surgery for one to two weeks.

Sometimes drainage tubes will be necessary for areas that underwent liposuction. Typically, there may be some swelling and bruising, but not nearly to the extent of a traditional procedure. It will take longer for more rigorous activities to be undertaken.

There are less risks and complications associated with this method of abdominoplasty than others. Potential risks include pain or discomfort for an extended period of time, infection, poor healing and blood clots. Smokers will need to quit using nicotine for a considerable period before and after surgery or else the potential to develop complications will greatly rise.

In order to ensure the smoothest surgery and recovery period possible, it is important to follow all of your plastic surgeon’s instructions prior to and after surgery. If you notice anything abnormal or alarming, contact a medical professional immediately. If caught early, you can prevent some minor problems from snowballing into greater issues. It is also imperative to choose a board-certified surgeon in Dubai who has the necessary skills and qualification to perform the procedure.